Exceptional enamelled gold box
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Exceptional enamelled gold box

Galerie Ouaiss Antiquités

Epoque 18th century

Medium Enamelled

Dimension 8,4 x 6,3 x 2,5 cm ( inches)

Important gold and royal blue enamel snuffbox showing a fine guilloche pattern of peas. The hinged lid is decorated with a central medallion surrounded by white, green and red enamel beads representing two young women dressed in the antique style in an undergrowth. They adorn a statuette of Cupid with garlands of roses. At their feet are the symbols of Love: the quiver and the dove. The medallion is surrounded by a frieze of alternating leaves and pearls. The frame has four enamelled panels separated by vase motifs.The snuffbox is presented in its leather case. Some wear to the enamel.
Gold hallmark of the end of the XVIIIth century, called "prestige".
Rhinoceros head.
Hallmark of the master goldsmith JAR: not identified. Reproduced in the book "catalogs of snuffboxes, boxes and cases of the eighteenth and nineteenth century by Serge Granjean.
Recontrôle charençons.
Weight: 140g.
Price: 35000€.
Ref: 4921

Epoque: 18th century

Medium: Enamelled

Dimension: 8,4 x 6,3 x 2,5 cm ( inches)

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Galerie Ouaiss Antiquités

Antique snuff and gold boxes decorated with precious stones, enamel, and micromosaics.

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